You may notice that your smile has become less bright over time – it may have even become discolored or stained. This can occur due to a number of factors, ranging from the natural effects of aging and time to poor dental hygiene, use of tobacco products, and frequent consumption of foods and drinks that stain. Whatever the reason for your tooth discoloration, Dr. Quang Luong can help! Here at Care Dental Spa, we offer teeth whitening to brighten and restore your smile.

Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments

There are several types of teeth whitening available, including take-home whitening trays and Phillips Zoom® in-office whitening treatments. Our cosmetic dentist will discuss both types of whitening with you to find the solution that is most effective and convenient for you.

Take-Home Whitening Trays

For a more gradual yet effective approach, at-home teeth whitening with custom-made trays is a fantastic option. Our cosmetic dentist will create personalized trays that fit your teeth perfectly. You will then apply a professional-grade whitening gel to the trays and wear them for a specified duration each day. As you continue to wear the trays, your teeth will gradually become lighter until they reach the desired shade of white. This method ensures all your natural teeth receive whitening, delivering a uniform and brighter smile.

Phillips Zoom In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening is one of the fastest ways to achieve a dazzling smile, and no in-office whitening system is more effective than Phillips Zoom whitening! During this treatment, our cosmetic dentist will apply a special whitening gel directly to your teeth. Using the Zoom Chairside Light-Activated Gel and the Whitening LED Accelerator, you can achieve teeth up to eight shades lighter in just 45 minutes. This method is particularly effective for combating yellow staining caused by aging, tobacco, dark beverages or red wine.

Whether you choose in-office or at-home teeth whitening, a brighter, more dazzling, and confident smile is within reach. Give us a call at 254-773-0055 to make your appointment and learn more about teeth whitening in Temple, Texas!