Tooth extractions are a dental procedure performed for various reasons, aimed at maintaining oral health and preventing potential complications. There are several scenarios in which a tooth may need to be removed, each with its own unique set of circumstances.

When are Tooth Extractions Needed?

One common reason for tooth extraction is when a baby tooth has abnormal roots, preventing it from naturally falling out. In such cases, removing the baby tooth becomes necessary to pave the way for the eruption of a permanent tooth. Additionally, advanced decay in a tooth can pose a threat to neighboring teeth, making extraction and replacement with a bridge or implant a viable solution.

Infections, orthodontic issues or problems with wisdom teeth are other common factors that may necessitate tooth removal. Infected teeth can not only cause pain but can also lead to more severe health problems if left untreated. Orthodontic corrections sometimes require the removal of overcrowded or misaligned teeth to create space and achieve proper alignment. Wisdom teeth, often causing discomfort and complications due to their late eruption, frequently require extraction to prevent oral health problems.

The Extraction Process

The extraction process involves expanding the tooth socket within the jawbone and gently separating the tooth from the ligaments that hold it in place. While the procedure is typically swift and relatively painless, we encourage you to communicate any concerns or preferences for sedation with our dentist.

After your tooth extraction, Dr. Quang Luong will also discuss options for replacing the missing tooth in order to prevent problems such as your remaining teeth shifting out of alignment, potential chewing difficulties and jaw joint issues.

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