At Care Dental Spa, we prioritize not only your smile but also your overall wellbeing. As part of our comprehensive approach to dental care, we incorporate an oral cancer screening into your routine exams. Oral cancer, like many other forms of cancer, can be a serious threat to your health if left undetected and untreated. However, it is one of the most treatable forms of cancer when diagnosed early.

Our experienced dentist and team possess the necessary skills and utilizes advanced tools to identify early signs and symptoms of oral cancer and pre-cancerous conditions. While these symptoms may sometimes be attributed to less severe issues, it is crucial to visit our office to rule out the possibility of oral cancer. Common indicators of oral cancer include red or white spots or sores in the oral cavity, persistent bleeding or non-healing sores, lumps, rough patches, pain, numbness or difficulties with chewing, swallowing, speaking or moving the jaw and tongue.

Our oral cancer screening is a simple and swift process, involving a comprehensive examination of your entire mouth. In addition to a visual assessment, we perform tactile examinations of your mouth and throat to detect any abnormalities. If we identify an area of concern, we may conduct a brush test, collecting cells from the suspicious lesion for further analysis in a laboratory. If the results of this test indicate irregularities or a positive finding, a biopsy may be recommended.

While regular oral cancer screenings are a crucial part of early detection, there are also proactive measures you can take to reduce your risk of oral cancer:

  • Avoid all tobacco products and consume alcohol in moderation
  • Maintain a balanced and healthy diet
  • Minimize sun exposure and use UV-A/B-blocking, sun-protective lotions not only on your skin but also on your lips

We encourage you to request an oral cancer exam during your next dental appointment. Early detection of oral cancer significantly improves the chances of successful treatment, ensuring your continued health and well-being. Your oral health is our top priority, and we are committed to safeguarding it through thorough screenings and preventive care.

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